Williston, Florida

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3250 NE 140th Ave, Williston, FL 32696

Delight in authentic farm-fresh experiences at Amber Brooke Farms, Williston, FL. Conveniently located just a brief 25-minute drive from Ocala and Gainesville, our expansive 100-acre agritourism destination beckons with a bounty of natural wonders.

As spring dawns, our fields burst forth with an impressive array of blueberry varieties, including Emerald, Sweet Crisp, Springhigh, Prima Donna, Meadow Lark, Farthing, and Jewel. But our offerings extend beyond blueberries; our strawberries stand as a testament to unrivaled juiciness and sweetness, redefining the standard of flavor.

Nestled within this vibrant landscape, you'll discover flourishing sunflowers and zinnias, available for picking throughout the changing seasons. The picturesque charm of our farm provides a wealth of captivating photo opportunities, ensuring that every visit yields cherished memories.

So, grab your cameras, rally your loved ones, and embark on an unforgettable excursion to Amber Brooke Farms in Williston, Florida. Here, you'll find an immersive escape along with the goodness of farm-fresh delights, all against the backdrop of serene countryside allure.


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