Ticket Protection

Terms and Conditions

Section 1 – Understanding Ticket Protection


Ticket Protection is distinct from an insurance policy and is not offered by an insurance carrier or ticketing agent.

It functions as a reimbursement service, provided by Amber Brooke Farms. If a ticket holder/registrant (1) is unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances, (2) submits a refund request with necessary documentation within forty-eight (48) hours post-event, and (3) the refund request is approved by Ticket Protection, a 100% refund of event admission fees, taxes, and dues will be granted.

Impersonation for claims is strictly prohibited.

Ticket Protection solely applies to attendees and not to event organizers, hosts, speakers, or acts. It excludes coverage for fraudulent, canceled, postponed events, or dissatisfaction with an event or act.


Section 2 – Obtaining Ticket Protection


Ticket Protection can be purchased as an upgrade during ticket purchase, allowing for a full refund of event dues, taxes, and fees if the attendee is unable to attend due to specific causes.

It is exclusively available at the time of ticket purchase, with payments limited to credit or debit cards.

The cost is calculated as a flat fee of the total purchase, which is $7.50.


Once purchased, it cannot be canceled or refunded.


Section 3 – Agreement to Key Terms


By completing the purchase, the user affirms the accuracy of provided information, agrees to pay the total displayed amount, and asserts ownership of the submitted credit or debit card information.

Consent is given to receive electronic documents and notices from Amber Brooke Farms.

The user agrees to provide necessary documentation for refund claims and allows Amber Brooke Farms to review submitted documents.


Section 4 – Reimbursement and Non-Reimbursement


Ticket Protection reimburses ticket/registration price, service fees, taxes, and processing fees in the event of specified unforeseen circumstances.

It does not cover merchandise, charitable donations, or the cost of the protection itself.

Various scenarios where Ticket Protection won't apply are outlined, including event postponements, cancellations, armed conflicts, and fraudulent or illegal events.


Section 5 – Non-Applicability of Ticket Protection


It details situations where Ticket Protection won't apply, such as event postponements, cancellations, or health concerns due to pandemics.

Various events, including acts of nature, civil disturbances, or government bans, are listed as non-applicable.


Section 6 – Refund Claim Process


Claims must be submitted within forty-eight (48) hours post-event and can be submitted by contacting seth.jensen@amberbrookefarms.com

The timeline for processing refund claims, required documents, and the payment method for approved claims are specified.

Amber Brooke Farms’ determination is final, and no appeals are accepted.


Section 7 – Circumstances Covered by Ticket Protection


It outlines covered scenarios, such as death, health-related emergencies, non-medical emergencies, transportation-related events, weather-related events, employment-related events, and legal obligations.

Documents required for refund claims in each circumstance are specified.


Section 8 – Other Reasons for Non-Applicability


Ticket Protection won't apply in the following scenarios, including lateness, lost tickets, changed minds, long lines, changed relationship status, social fears, fears of infection, conflicts with pre-planned events, and more.


For specific questions, users can contact seth.jensen@amberbrookefarms.com via email.