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Good soil. Sunshine. Rain. And, lots of love make things grow. It’s true in farming. And, it’s true in life.

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To create an environment for individuals and families to connect with nature, celebrate life, and foster lasting memories and cherished relationships

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To bring the best of farming directly to you

Amber Brooke Farms

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Our Story

The story of Amber Brooke Farms unfolds at the intersection of a shared passion for farming and an unwavering commitment to sustainable agriculture. Rooted in the desire for transparency in our food journey, from the verdant fields to the family table, allow us to whisk you away on a heartwarming journey through the rich history of Amber Brooke Farms. It’s a narrative woven with partnership, growth, and deep-rooted connections.

It all began in the spring of 2014 when fate brought together two kindred spirits. Michael, a fourth-generation farmer with deep ties to the land, and Ryan, a visionary with a wealth of forestry expertise, found themselves on a shared path. Ryan’s mastery of forestry seamlessly complemented Michael’s steadfast dedication to nurturing blueberries. From this, a dynamic partnership sprouted that would come to shape the very future of Florida’s farming landscape.

Nurturing Family Traditions: The Legacy of the Hill Family

The roots of Michael’s farming heritage stretch back to his grandfather’s bold journey from Virginia to Florida in search of fertile lands. This legacy, a tapestry woven with hard work and ingenuity, found its earliest expression in the cultivation of vegetables, with sweet corn and carrots taking center stage. The Hill family’s unbreakable bond with the land was a testament to their unwavering resolve, even when faced with challenges brought by eminent domain. Through the generations, the flame of this legacy was carried forward. Michael’s father expanded the family’s landscape tree enterprise, which eventually blossomed into a flourishing farm in Clermont. As Michael approached the completion of his senior year at Auburn University, he transformed 40 open acres into a thriving blueberry haven, setting the stage for his partnership with Ryan.

A Shared Vision Takes Shape: The Story of the Atwood Family

Ryan, a first-generation farmer armed with a deep well of knowledge in forestry and genetics, embarked on his journey at the University of Florida. His path as as an extension agent in Lake County solidified his commitment to sustainable agricultural practices. The challenges faced by blueberry growers in the region became the bedrock of Ryan’s connection with Michael. United by shared struggles, they began to dream of a brighter future for blueberry farming. Their partnership, like the growth of a resilient plant, took time to fully flourish. Ryan’s early collaboration with Michael set the stage for their destinies to become intertwined in a profound way. The shared journey of overcoming agricultural challenges would soon cement their paths even further.

By 2012, Michael was steering the ship at his family’s farm, while Ryan’s wife, Alison, embarked on the U-Pick venture at Atwood Family Farms in Eustis. Michael’s wife, Brooke, seamlessly took on multiple roles, from managing accounts to spearheading marketing endeavors.

The pivotal year of 2014 opened new avenues for Ryan’s involvement. The subsequent establishment of Total Ag Care in 2015 marked a monumental step forward for Michael and Ryan. Their relentless pursuit of excellence culminated in the creation of a cutting-edge packing house for H and A Farms in 2016.

Honoring Honesty and Unity: The Evolution of Amber Brooke Farms

Alison’s steadfast commitment to U-Pick and Brooke’s multi-faceted contributions propelled the business forward. The core values of honesty and unity continued to be the guiding stars for H and A Farms. The arrival of the Robinson family in 2019-2020 opened new doors, underlining the enduring strength of ethical business practices and the nurturing of friendships.

The acquisition of the Robinson’s land in Williston in 2020, coupled with the seamless integration of Atwood Family Farms, demonstrated H and A Farms’ unwavering dedication to expanding their agricultural horizons and fostering direct connections with consumers. This expansion gave birth to the wonderful story of Amber Brooke Farms, paying tribute to the influential figures of Mrs. Atwood and Mrs. Hill.

Today, Amber Brooke Farms stands tall as a prime example of agritourism excellence across diverse markets. This united approach propels the shared vision of bringing families together through immersive food education. By shedding light on the origins of sustenance and highlighting farming’s integral role in daily life, Amber Brooke Farms empowers individuals to become stewards of our precious Earth.

For the past two years, Amber Brooke Farms has lived by a beautifully simple yet profound philosophy stated by Michael Hill: “We farm to feed the nation. That’s what we do.” The Amber Brooke Farms story encapsulates the values of family, vision, ethics, and fulfillment. Our journey reflects an unwavering dedication to agriculture and community, resonating locally while reaching towards the wider nation.

As we continue to sow the seeds of innovation, nurture connections, and cultivate a legacy that transcends mere commercial enterprise, we extend an earnest invitation to you. Embrace the heartwarming tale of Amber Brooke Farms, where the past serves as a solid foundation, the present offers endless opportunities, and the future filled with limitless possibilities. Welcome to our story, where joy unfolds in the very fields we tend, and dreams are lovingly harvested with utmost care. This is Amber Brooke Farms.